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Q. What if I need to cancel my contract or change the date of the wedding? Is the deposit refundable?
A. We understand that life happens, and plans change. Refunds are based entirely on whether or not I am able to book a wedding to replace yours. We allow one free date move, schedules permitting.

Example 1. You cancel more than 180 days prior to your event and I am able to book someone else in place of you – full deposit refund
Example 2. You cancel more than 180 days prior to your event and I am unable to book someone else in place of you – no deposit refund
Example 3. You cancel less than 180 days prior to your event - regardless of if I am able or unable to schedule another couple in place of you, your deposit is non refundable and you are responsible for the balance of your contract in full.

Please keep in mind that when we book your wedding date, we book ourselves for you and you alone. Cancellations are devastating to us as a small business.

Q. Do you play requests?
A. Absolutely! Unless you don't want me to. The entire playlist for your event tailored specifically to you!

Q. What kind of music will you play?
A. Your event’s playlist will be based heavily off of both of your input. Got a specific song you absolutely have to hear at a specific time? It’s on the list. Perhaps there are certain songs, artists, or genres that you absolutely don’t want to hear. They’re off the list. Not sure exactly what you want to hear? I’m here to help you out. We will start to piece together your perfect set list during your free consultation, and finalize it two weeks prior to the big day.

Q. Do you do LGBT weddings?
A. Of course! We pride ourselves in providing great service to any and every couple, regardless of their personal views, beliefs, or sexuality.

Q. What are your rates?
A. Please check out each services page for pricing, or contact us at Info@americanmadeentertainment.com for more specific answers

Q. How much is the deposit?
A. All service deposits are typically 1/3 of the service price.

Q. Why should I choose you for my wedding? I have a family member/friend that has a camera and some speakers, are you worth my money?
A. While we don't doubt that your family member or friend would get the job done, would you rather entrust your wedding to someone who will just get the job done, or with industry professionals who have a penchant for exceeding standards and expectations and spend almost every waking moment honing their craft to bring you a better service?